My book: I am not invisible: #AKF poetry in honor of @jarpad & others by @tdmiller820917

After many months, I am so pleased & grateful to announce that my #AlwaysKeepFighting poetry book is now available for pre-order on Amazon. The book, I am not invisible: Always Keep Fighting poetry in honor of Jared Padalecki & others, has been a labor of love. As a long time depression sufferer, I am painfully aware how much of an uphill battle each day can be. Some days, you can feel yourself slipping away. On those days, you desperately need something, anything to grab hold of to remind yourself to Always Keep Fighting!

I’m SO grateful to Jared Padalecki for being courageous & opening up regarding his own struggles with anxiety & depression. I don’t think that even he is aware of how many people he has helped through his honesty & compassion. So many of us who suffer from anxiety & depression have been sentenced to a life of hopelessness & despair. Yet, through #AlwaysKeepFighting we are walking that long and arguably sometimes painful road towards learning to love ourselves first. The journey won’t be easy. But through compassion and the love & support of others, we will make it!

I’m grateful to Trish Baker, co-founder of Attitudes in Reverse. Trish is a beautiful soul, a very special & dear lady. She took a personal tragedy & used it to send a positive message of hope & compassion. Attitudes in Reverse works tirelessly to end the stigma associated with anxiety & depression as well as to educate on good mental health. I will always be grateful for Attitudes in Reverse. I’m so pleased that a portion of the proceeds from my book will go towards furthering Attitudes in Reverse’s very important work.