Thanks Jared Padalecki: My Always Keep Fighting poetic journey by Tracy Diane Miller

When Jared Padalecki started his Always Keep Fighting campaign on March 3, 2015, I don’t think that even he envisioned the overwhelmingly positive influence it would have in connecting people across the globe. One of the most terrifying aspects that I have found as a depression sufferer is the sense of isolation. You feel alone so sometimes you practice self sabotage by alienating people who care about you. You don’t want to talk about how you’re feeling because you don’t often understand these feelings yourself.

Always Keep Fighting is a community of compassion. You are not alone.

Writing poetry has been my salvation. It’s not that I have fully grasped from where my dark emotions arise. But my Muse lets me confront these emotions head on through poetry. That helps.

Another thing that helps is writing poetry for others. If my words can offer even the smallest comfort, it is a wonderful feeling inside. Always Keep Fighting is about discovering a voice that you didn’t know that you had. Always Keep Fighting is about letting that whisper inside of your soul roar with compassion and kindness. Always Keep Fighting is about paying any strength you find forward so that you can help others find their own strength.

Thanks Jared Padalecki! My book I am not invisible: Always Keep Fighting poetry in honor of Jared Padalecki & others has been an empowering journey towards self-discovery and healing. My own road so far has been paved with both success and failure. Yet, I am stronger because of the journey. I will carry on. I will Always Keep Fighting.