In honor of Scott Allen by Tracy Diane Miller

There are people who Fate so generously place along the path of your life journey. You feel blessed because through knowing them, you are a better person. That’s how I feel about Arlene Allen. She has helped me see the light through some very dark days. I will always be grateful for her.

There is another reason that I am grateful for Arlene. Through sharing her memories of her late husband Scott Allen, I feel as though I have been privileged to know a special man. Scott Allen communicated his love for his wife, his family and friends by the gift of music. Music, most likely, was Scott’s solace. I suspect that music was also Scott’s voice letting him rise above an often chaotic and unkind world. Scott loved music. Music reciprocated by loving Scott.

Tomorrow, June 11th, would have been Scott’s 58th birthday. I write this piece in honor of Scott Allen whose legacy of love endures forever.

If you look towards Heaven to embrace a song in your heart, that will be Scott Allen forever playing music.