A letter to fathers on Father’s Day, a poem by Tracy Diane Miller

We often hear of all the work that mothers do
But I write this poem
To give all the fathers their due
A rhythmic tribute to come your way
As you celebrate this Father’s Day

A letter to fathers on Father’s Day
A thank you in poetic words
A heart finds appreciation
For gratitude so heard

For the child
A bad day he or she had
Who finds comfort
In the arms of dad

For the boy
He grew to be a wonderful man
A likely reflection
Of the strength of dad

For the boy
Who will walk in his father’s shoes
Compassion and integrity
Is what he knew

For the child
Who learns love
By the love he or she saw
A father that demonstrates how much he adores

A father and a mother
Or a house with two dads
Love won’t discriminate
The best feeling had

A father is strength
A father is compassion
He is dressed in love for his child
His desired fashion

A letter to all fathers
On Father’s Day
Grateful is the child
The son or daughter
Heaven sent your way