Forever grateful, a poem by Tracy Diane Miller

I was once a person
I did complain
Forsaking my blessings
For sorrows’ refrain
Now when I awake
I make sure to see
The gifts I have been given
To make me happy
For Mike
A southern gentleman who makes me smile
A joyful feeling that lingers for awhile
For Pamela
Her gift of kindness
I got
She generously gives
Even when pain is her lot
For Lisa, Jamie and Karen
My beautiful Steinberg ladies who give so much of their heart
The love they show
Like the perfect art
For Melissa and Donna
And Attitudes in Reverse
Compassion conceived
The generosity of spirit
I come to believe
For Kat and Hannah
My two Susans
And Arlene
Your encouragement and support of my poetry
My gratitude is seen
For Lisa and Tracie
For Kara and Allison
For Kendra and Nikki too
Your writing talent and inspiration
Sees me through
For Nicki Aycox
For Brian Buckley
For Mandy Rowden
Who heal me with song
The music I’ve cherished
For so very long
For Destiny and Rayven
For Josephine and Natalie
Do you know your gift
You fed my soul
A much needed lift
For Erin and my writing family at The Nerdy Girl Express
My words will journey
The roads traveled
The best
For Megan Padalecki
For Felicia Day
Your writing talent
Brought joy my way
From Joey Adams
From Julie McNiven
And Amy Gumenick
I’ve learned
The path to one’s dream
May surely be earned
For Stacy
I will forever be grateful
That you are my twin
You are my lottery
I will always win
For Jared Padalecki
And Always Keep Fighting
When anxiety and depression
Prove to be tough
You continue to remind me
That I am enough