Confessions of a Book Reviewer, Part 2: Why you should read Nikki LeClair’s book #HauntingMe

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post titled “Confessions of a Book Reviewer.” More recently, I penned an article that was my thank you letter to some of the writers whose work has positively impacted by life. Both pieces are an expression of the overwhelming gratitude and joy I experience as a book reviewer for The Nerdy Girl Express.

Today, I want to highlight author Nikki LeClair. LeClair is the author of the marvelous book Haunting Me. I discovered LeClair through another author whose books I love, Tracie Banister (Twin Piques, In Need of Therapy, Blame It On The Fame). Tracie recommended Nikki’s book. Based on that recommendation, I immediately knew I had to read Haunting Me. I can happily say that Haunting Me has exceeded my expectations.

Haunting Me is the story of Phoebe Mercer, a hardworking legal assistant striving to succeed at a prestigious law firm. The proverbial thorn in her career aspirations is Terrance, a cold hearted partner who seems to enjoy making Phoebe’s work life a nightmare. Still, Phoebe is determined to excel at work. Fortunately, her personal life is on the right track courtesy of her loving, health conscious boyfriend Riley. Phoebe’s life takes a dramatic turn when she is hit on the street by a runaway hotdog cart. Landing in the hospital, she acquires more than concussion: Phoebe “inherits” a ghost for an “employer”, society matron Edie Edwards. Phoebe learns from Edie that the elderly woman suspects she was murdered. In addition, Edie needs Phoebe help in locating her missing will. The pair, an odd couple for sure, soon find themselves in a web of deceit as they race against time to uncover the truth. How will this truth change Phoebe’s life forever. I will not spoil the various twists and turns of Haunting Me, but this book fully embraces its status of a “cozy mystery.” Through impeccable writing that mines humor and realism, LeClair has created memorable characters in Phoebe and Edie. The women may not be connected through blood but there is an authentic, familial relationship that develops between them that readers will find enjoyable.

I found myself fully invested in these characters and this story. The book is a page turner in which will find themselves sad to see end. Thankfully, Haunting Me is Book 1 in a planned series by LeClair.

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