What words soothe the musician, a poem for @RealNickiAycox by Tracy Diane Miller

I will forever be grateful to Nicki Aycox for her constant encouragement & support of my poetry. We’ve had so many wonderful conversations about our respective art (her wonderful music and my poetry) that I know that the writing success that I have been grateful to experience is due large part because of her. She continually offers a kind word for my poetry in her many Twitter replies to me and in writing about my poetry on her blog. I can’t thank her enough! I am proud that my very first published poetry book (My Secret has beautiful wings: A collection of poetry for Nicki Aycox) was written in her honor. I am proud to include Nicki in the dedication for my soon to be released (on 7/19/16) Always Keep Fighting poetry book (I am not invisible: Always Keep Fighting poetry in honor of Jared Padalecki & others). She is such a talented, kind & compassionate lady.

I just wrote this new poem in honor of Nicki Aycox:

What words soothe the musician, a poem for Nicki Aycox by Tracy Diane Miller

Lyrics and melody
From the musician’s soul will flow
A source of comfort
For listeners you know

But what words soothe the musician
When self-doubt may appear
When God given talent
Becomes a hostage to fear

The musician must know
Her music is a lifeline
A path away from sorrow
When a listener loses hope
That things will be better tomorrow

The musician must know
Her music is a catalyst to inspire
When a listener reaches for dreams
The musician courageous and vulnerable with her songs
Is that source to admire

What words soothe the musician
What words appear in sight
The musician must know
The healing power of her music for listeners
Of songs the musician writes