@desywhitaker & @RayvenWhitaker inspire through their talents by Tracy Diane Miller

Social media can be a scary, disheartening place. It is often a sad commentary on society when some people elect to hide behind the First Amendment as an excuse to hurt others. Free speech is a wonderful thing, but I don’t think it was meant as a license to engage in nastiness. Thankfully, Destiny and Rayven Whitaker use social media as a vehicle to inspire others through their kindness, compassion and creative talents.

The Whitaker sisters (who are both celebrating birthdays this week) have a passion for singing and writing. I first met Destiny through her beautiful cover of Nicki Aycox’s My Secret. Aycox’s strong vocals made My Secret a stirring and memorable song for listeners. Whitaker honored Aycox’s tune with a beautiful and sincere interpretation. What is most impressive about Destiny Whitaker is that her voice has a richness and maturity well beyond her years.

Younger sister Rayven was also blessed by God-given vocal talent. Just listen with your heart and you will appreciate the emotions born from Rayven’s voice.

Destiny and Rayven are also writers. Whether it is a short story, a script or personal essays, you can count on the Whitakers’ words to reflect creativity and imagination.

Destiny and Rayven Whitaker inspire through their talents!