You are a gift, a birthday poem for @RayvenWhitaker by Tracy Diane Miller

God smiled
For I know it to be true
And on a July day many years ago
He gave the world the gift that is you

In your heart
God offered you so generous a choice
To honor Him and comfort others
Through your singing voice

Clearly you are curious
Curiosity lives day and night
Words prowl around inside your brain
Imagination nurtured
For then you write

Perhaps you underestimate
The characters and plot you let unfold
Words aren’t merely words on a page
But a marvel you have told

Perhaps you underestimate
But I know it to be true
There can only be one Rayven Whitaker
For God gave the world that gift called you

With this poem that I write
I reflect on the joy you brought my way
My heart is full of gratitude
As I wish you the very best birthday