Most of you who know me are aware that I stay out of the drama within the Supernatural fandom. It really upsets me to see such a divide over issues of interpretation that some fans feel that they have a license to attack others. I like to take a page out of Lisa N Edwards ‘ book on how to behave with class on Twitter even in the face of others who are nasty. I’ve seen Lisa rise above the nastiness with her decency never wavering. She refuses to become a part of the negativity. I adore Lisa as a writer & as a person.

Lee Rumohr appeared in the Supernatural episode The Chitters. He did a MARVELOUS job with his character. Lee interacts with fans on Twitter. He doesn’t have to, but he takes the time to show that he cares. It upsets me to see that he was attacked. I just wrote this poem for him. Lee, I hope that you see this poem. You did nothing wrong. I hope that you don’t abandon social media. You have fans who care about you!

Showing that you care, a poem for @LeeRumohr by Tracy Diane Miller

Showing that you care
Wearing your heart on your sleeve
When you face unkindness
It is so hard for me to believe

I can’t understand
That when you take the time
With fans to interact
When some people are unpleasant
And refuse to show decency and tact

Yet still in the flood of comments
The unpleasantness that you face
Even with the unkindness
You show that you are a man of grace

Showing that you care
Wearing your heart on your sleeve
Remember that there is still kindness and decency
I hope that you can believe