Book Review: All Because of You by Vivian Brooks

Reading and reviewing books for me is like enjoying a never-ending birthday where I can joyously unwrap presents, fulfilling my heart’s desire.

Vivian Brooks’ All Because of You is the perfect gift for the reader.

Brooks (the pen name of Haunting Me author Nikki LeClair) is a writer in which readers need to take notice. She has a remarkable skill at characterization. Her characters are vibrant and realistic. They leap from the page instantly becoming people that we feel like we know. We want to comfort them. They frustrate us. They make us angry. All of these battling reader emotions are inherently good because this means that we have become emotionally invested in the story.

In All Because of You, we meet Nelly Morgan, a freelance writer about to embark on matrimonial bliss with her fiance, Guy Emerson. The church is full of loved ones assembled to celebrate the happy couple. But there would be no celebration when an elusive man charges into the church, claims to the know the bride and professes his love for her. Nelly is shocked by the mysterious man. Guy’s sister Jenny (who loathes Nelly) is quick to accuse Nelly of infidelity. The wedding is off. Soon Nelly (with the help of best friends Max and Jake) are embroiled in various schemes to find out the wedding crasher’s identity and to convince the man to admit that he lied about knowing Nelly.

The wedding crasher is Ben McGuire, a local mechanic. The native Irishman could have easily been assigned the role of antagonist, but Brooks is far from predictable. Instead, Brooks’ unquestioned writing skill allows her to use Ben in her narrative for a more creative purpose. He aligns himself with Nelly in many ways. The result: Humorous and dramatic scenes that prove to be quite memorable.

But Guy isn’t the victim in this tale, as the reader will discover. Foreshadowing is evident, yet used appropriately. The plot never feels rushed. The evolution is flawless serving the narrative quite well.

Fans new to the Chick Lit genre will embrace All Because of You. The concept is delightful. Brooks’ creative execution is a testament to her genius as an author. This book is definitely a must read.