I never will get tired from expressing my gratitude by Tracy Diane Miller

Some people seem to enjoy social media as a vehicle for talking about the negative and ills of the world. Perhaps it gives them comfort and control in these uncertain times. However for me, if I have to talk constantly about something, I much prefer it to be something that makes me happy.

Yes, I’m talking about it AGAIN. Because after waiting 27 years, the fulfillment of a dream is worth repeating.

One week ago today (July 18, 2016), I interviewed Gordon Thomson for The Nerdy Girl Express. I’m still smiling happily from the memory. Another great thing is that Gordon said that he wanted to interview with me again at some point. He is so charming, funny, intelligent just as I knew that he would be.
During my lowest moments, I tend to retreat towards my memories from the 1980s, the happiest decade of my life. Now I can acknowledge some incredible moments for 2016. A year ago, I would have NEVER imagined that the kind of blessings that have recently come into my life would have ever occurred. I’m BEYOND THRILLED & GRATEFUL.

My memorable highlights #grateful :

Saturday, February 4, 1989:


Then, 27 years later on Monday, July 18, 2016:

Interview With #GordonThomson via @tdmiller820917 @Winterthorne1 #Dynasty