@NikkiL_Books : #AllBecauseofYou & #HauntingMe in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

I am a poet and book reviewer
Creativity I most adore
So I am always on the lookout
For new books for which I may explore

Sure I discover books on my own
But some books others recommend
Like Nikki LeClair’s Haunting Me
Suggested to me by Tracie Banister
A brilliant writer herself and also a very dear friend

My book reviewer persona
So happy to engage
To savor the splendor of Haunting Me
A creative wonderment inhabits each page

Phoebe Mercer is a legal assistant
Injured on the street by a runaway hotdog cart
At the cruel hand of Fate
In the hospital she meets Edie Edwards
The most entertaining ghost any reader could anticipate

The truth behind Edie’s death
A desperate search for her missing will
Sets Phoebe on the path of adventure
Nikki LeClair writes with impeccable skill

Haunting Me is a cozy mystery
Reader delight is found through and through
Yet Nikki LeClair also writes chick lit
A very enchanting book called
All Because of You

Please don’t get confused
All Because of You credits an author
Vivian Brooks is her name
For Vivian Brooks is the pen name of Nikki LeClair
The great talent behind Haunting Me all the same

The protagonist in All Because of You
Nelly Morgan is an ill-fated bride
When a mysterious man
Who the reader learns is Ben McGuire
Disrupts her wedding
Crashing through the church door
Professing love for Nelly
He will not hide

The thing about All Because of You
The characters and plots that Vivian Brooks
So skillfully did weave
Full of rich characters, marvelous dialogue and suspense
Impressive that Vivian Brooks did conceive

A cozy mystery or a chick lit
Two books in which a gifted author did succeed
So be sure to get Haunting Me and All Because of You
These books will fulfill your fictional need