God’s timetable by Tracy Diane Miller

If my mother was standing in front of me right now & I said to her “I can’t believe that I’ve published 22 poetry books” she would have looked at me & responded “Why? You doubted yourself. I never did.” And it’s true. I often doubted my abilities (who would want to read poetry written by a weird, deep thinker). I magnify my mistakes & have a hard time forgiving myself. When I care about someone who turns out to be nasty, I’m probably more angry with myself for allowing myself to trust that person in the first place.
I often wondered how my mother could have been filled with so much optimism. I often wondered how my mother could have raised us with so limited financial resources yet believed that our opportunities in life & the positive mark that we could make on people was within our reach.
The answer is that her faith was so strong. She would say that God always made the impossible possible & that His timetable for our lives was far different from ours. So I had to spend 30 years in law before I could realize my dream of publishing my poetry books (God’s timetable). It took me 27 years to interview Gordon Thomson after meeting him in 1989 (God’s timetable). And while Jared Padalecki has absolutely no idea that he inspired me to write my #AlwaysKeepFighting poetry book, he will learn of my book not when I’m ready, but when God is.