I received an autograph photo & a personal, handwritten note today in the mail from Gordon Thomson. I really appreciate that he took the time to write me a personal note thanking me for wanting to interview him as well as my enthusiastic support of his career for 34 years.

Gordon is my oldest favorite living actor. Everyone who has known me since 1982 knows that I have enthusiastically followed his career ever since Wednesday, September 29, 1982 when he joined Dynasty as Michael Torrance/Adam Carrington in the third season. When Dynasty ended its network run on Thursday, May 11, 1989, I continued to follow his work (daytime, nighttime, film). I’ve never seen him on stage but I’m hoping to in the future.

I’ve watched (and remembered) countless hours of his interviews. He was surprised when I cited an interview he did with Arsenio Hall on April 11, 1989 when he talked about the origins of Dynasty’s poison paint storyline.

I will be FOREVER thrilled that I got to interview him. Gordon epitomizes a true gentleman. He is appreciative of the opportunities he has had in the entertainment industry. He is appreciative of his fans. He is charismatic, funny, intelligent (I love that he is a Shakespeare aficionado like myself) & quite a talker (also like me).

Thanks to The Nerdy Girl Express for allowing me to share my interview with Gordon Thomson with readers.