Must time be a burden, a poem for @RealNickiAycox by Tracy Diane Miller

In our youth
Time is that quiet friend
Who watches and smiles
A face reflected in an endless sky or butterfly
With fascination we seek for a long while

Carefree we record memory after memory
To safeguard in our mind
The satisfaction of innocence
Surely we find

In our adulthood
Time becomes a burden
Almost hypnotic
As we approach
Frenzied each day
Moments forgotten
They float away

Must time be a burden
Moments mean so much
Like the strains of a song
When hearts will touch

Within ourselves we willingly retreat
A day that once held promise
We refuse to meet

But you fight through the fear
With the songs that you write
Time is that quiet friend
A champion
Through the lyrics that you compose day and night