Salute to authors, a poem by Tracy Diane Miller

Laughter and tears
Emotion to grow not fear
If we let our hearts take a look
A wealth of discovery
Within the pages of a book

Lisa N. Edwards
Do you know her name
The author of Can’t Fight Fate
And Chasing Butterflies all the same
Where characters find out that destiny is not to be feared
A journey of self-discovery where we grow
We learn of our inner strength
We all need to know

Tracie Banister
Chick Lit and Romantic Comedy
She skillfully writes
A slew of characters
Born to delight
Twin Piques
In Need of Therapy
Blame It On The Fame
As an author
Tracie is at the top of her game

Kara Piazza
The Maladroit is her enchanting tale
Even when we fall
Through resiliency is how we prevail

Megan Padalecki
An architect now a writer
Through her book Big Mo
Children will learn to safeguard against overconsumption and to respect the Earth’s resources
We all need to know

Felicia Day
You’re Never Weird On The Internet(Almost)
Embrace your inner geek
Uniqueness is special
Worthy to seek

Allison Maruska
To shapeshift and to fly with dragon wings
And within our DNA
Courage we bring

Kendra Saunders
Dating An Alien Pop Star
Where two worlds meet
Love is not foreign
Hearts find strength in the adversity they greet

Nikki LeClair
All Because of You
Haunting Me
Those characters who reflect all human emotion
Nikki writes with heartfelt devotion

These authors
A small sampling of why books are a gift
In these uncertain times
Listen with your heart
To the messages that thrive within the pages of a book
Give your soul a lift