A portrait in the sky, a birthday poem for @RachelMiner1

The clouds knew my mission
The noblest of cause
As usually they are frenzied
Yet today with reverence they pause
With the sky
An endless landscape
I became most inspired by thoughts of you
I set to paint a portrait in the sky
A tribute to the beauty reflected in you
The colors from this portrait in the sky
Emotions formed the hues
A testament to your compassion and strength
Which clearly shine through
Even when you guard your pain
Even when you guard your sorrow
Your mind offers you the courage to realize
New possibilities arise with the sun tomorrow
A portrait in the sky
Created from my heart and mind
For I remain most grateful
For the inspiration of you
That I find
Alas the clouds will no longer wait
Eagerly they are swept away
But I smile pleased at my masterpiece
A beautiful portrait in the sky
In honor of your birthday