About a girl, a poem for @RealNickiAycox by Tracy Diane Miller

Once upon a time
These words to fairytales begin
But life is not a fairytale
No path to an easy win

Let me instead tell you a true story
One about a girl who lived with songs in her heart
As an actress she traveled many red carpets
Before embracing her musical art

Is Hollywood just smoke and mirrors
A glorious illusion paved in gold
Is Hollywood just a broken hearts club
Awaiting the truth to eventually unfold

From Oklahoma to Hollywood
About a girl who mesmerized on screen
An allure to captivate hearts
Her tremendous talent for decades so many audiences have seen

Yet what is that faint echo
For decades it longed to be heard
The whispers of a song
The lyrics of truth to highlight the words

Johnny and My Secret
The names of riveting songs
About a girl and the many characters that she played
While her music waited so long

Who is the princess in this story
About a girl with a guitar
Who traveled from Oklahoma to Hollywood
To share the music of her heart
Her courageous road so far