I don’t like to rant on social media, but this needed to be said


This is one of the BEST articles that I ever read addressing grief, what people say & what we hear:


I remember when my mother passed away & some people thought a helpful response was “At least you were an adult when she died.” What I heard was: “It shouldn’t bother you so much because you aren’t a child & can take care of yourself.”

I love my mother. I still love my mother. She’s been gone for 11 years & I think about her all the time. Some days, my grief is overwhelming. Writing poetry helps me deal with it.

I’ve had people email me incredibly annoyed that I constantly mention my mother on social media. First of all I offer this in response: My Twitter, My Facebook, My blog…I write what I enjoy & what is positive for me. I don’t discuss politics & I have no desire to engage in a long discourse about the status of minority representation on television. I’m a writer/poet. I hope that when people read my words, they read my words & hopefully, appreciate the emotion instead of feeling the need to write comments to me like: “You write very well for a black writer.” A better comment would have been “You write very well” or “I like your writing” without adding the racial qualifier.

If people can’t use their brains before they send me an email, I hope that they refrain from sending me anything.

I try not to rant on social media (this is probably my one & only rant) because I rather focus on the positive. My point here is that sometimes it’s best to listen rather than speak. And if an opinion has to be expressed in a nasty way rather than a positive one, must it be expressed at all? We all have things we feel very strongly about that others might not feel as strongly.

Finally, I write poetry. I write articles. I passionately support, encourage & advocate for all creative talent (authors, artists, musicians). My blog, my words are deeply personal to me. I will honor my mother as often as I like. For anyone who has a problem with what I choose to write, I suggest that you don’t read me. Invest your time in what you like. Please don’t waste my time with negativity.


P.S. If you’re also incredibly annoyed that I mention/write about Gordon Thomson on social media, don’t read my words.