@jenabooks  The Golden Age of Charli: BMI, a poem by Tracy Diane Miller

This is the story of Charlotte McAntic
Charli as she is called
A woman who expresses her gratitude each day
And loves her family and friends above all
After some bumps on the retirement road
Where husband Pud’s passion for golf would constantly interfere
With time spend with younger relatives
Project RSVP was a caring goal to endear
But months of fine dining
At upscale restaurants where the food was great
Now Charli and Pud have initiated Project BMI
A goal to lead a healthy lifestyle and to lose some weight
Charli is like a determined general
To eat healthy and to exercise
And with an app called Loser!
A war to lose weight has begun
With Pud joining her in this fight
A victory can be won
Her sister Sibby is supportive
Sons August and Zim care too
The first battle takes that first step
There is still much work to do
But what secret is Pud keeping
Who is he talking to on the phone
Charli needs to conquer her fear
Trust and persistence is hers to own
Slowly but surely
The pounds on Charli and Pud are shed
With new possibilities around the corner
To welcome the days ahead