To welcome home a butterfly, a birthday poem for @JessicaCapshaw by Tracy Diane Miller
A caterpillar reborn
Then to greet the world anew as a butterfly
Wings so strong
A determined purpose
To soar the sky
Across the heavens to race
To settle amongst the clouds
Her destiny she embraced
But what did she leave behind
Did happiness she find
A caterpillar reborn
A butterfly takes a curtain call
The rhythm of life
The sweetness of performance
A beat for her soul after all
Writers tell stories
Actors feel stories
The characters they play
Come alive in their hearts each and every day
The emotions
The laughter
The tears
Like the caterpillar
Then she becomes a butterfly
She knows no fear
To welcome home a butterfly
With joy to convey
I send you my best wishes
As you celebrate your birthday