@jarpad #AKF #poetry You didn’t sign away your right to feel pain, a poem for Jared Padalecki, by Tracy Diane Miller

Celebrity is a double edged sword
Where millions know your name
But despite all the glory
There is a burden that comes with fame
When you suffer bullying
When you feel demeaned
And sadly heartache you have gained
For those who may forget
You didn’t sign away your right to feel pain
Your mind traces the memories
Where silence may have been your lot
Your soul traces the scars
Of the pain that can’t be forgot
When people caution self-censor
When people feel that you can’t use your voice
The burden of celebrity
To rob you of your choice
I feel sad for your pain
If you could hear me then I would say to you
Please Jared
Love yourself first
Give you the love that you are due
Why do I write this poem
A rhyme you won’t ever see
Because my Muse so desperately reaches out to you
And this poem came to be
You give all that you are
Your compassion became our glorious sighting
Please Jared listen with your heart
And follow your own advice to Always Keep Fighting