@jarpad #AKF #LYF #poetry  You deserve happiness, a poem for Jared Padalecki by Tracy Diane Miller

You made a heartfelt decision
To share your anxiety and depression story
With the desire to help others
Not seeking any glory
Out of a personal and painful reveal
You started the Always Keep Fighting campaign
To help others heal
To end the stigma
A community not silenced by a burden so great
Compassion forthcoming we anticipate
We owe you so much
It is true
But do you love yourself first
Giving yourself the love you are due
You deserve understanding
Never sorrow
You deserve hope
In every tomorrow
You deserve smiles
To soothe your doubt
To cleanse your soul
For a long while
You deserve happiness
I know this to be true
If I could
Happiness would be my gift
From me to you