@JennaRoseSimon empowers through art by Tracy Diane Miller

I first discovered actress and artist Jenna Rose Simon when she was interviewed this past May by my twin sister Stacy, a contributing writer and marketing manager for The Nerdy Girl Express. Stacy’s enthusiasm for Jenna Rose Simon’s many talents was evident. The young actress who excels in film, television and voice over work has the incredible ability to raise awareness and emotionally connect with people through her beautifully powerful art.

Jenna Rose Simon explained how acting and art influence her: “I feel that acting has given me a work ethic that is extremely necessary for art. It takes time and dedication, and every piece requires energy. Additionally, I’ve always loved acting because it is a way to inspire others. Many of my great inspirations are actors. When I realized that I can inspire through art and the messages one can convey in a drawing, I just wanted to do it all the time!”

Take a look at Jenna Rose Simon’s drawings below. This art amazingly brings awareness to the issue of mental abuse. In addition, her art empowers with the clear message that you can’t be silenced by your abusers.






(Art is courtesy of Jenna Rose Simon)
Finally, I have been creatively inspired by Jenna Rose Simon’s art. Each time she shares a wonderful new drawing on social media, the levee breaks and my poetic Muse is fed. Just looking at her art enables me to write countless poetry. On November 4, 2016, I will release my poetry book “I define me: Poetry of Empowerment inspired by the art of Jenna Rose Simon.” I am very grateful to Jenna Rose Simon for enriching my poetic voice through her incredible drawings.

Jenna Rose Simon empowers through art.

I define me: Poetry of Empowerment inspired by the art of Jenna Rose Simon by Tracy Miller: