The shadow of loving care, a poem for Jared Padalecki by Tracy Diane Miller

When the levee breaks
There is a shadow watching you
The eyes of compassion
Who give you the loving care that you are due
We will carry you when you are weary
Even a hero needs a sign
That there is strength in numbers
For you are always on our mind
Even when you see yourself
And yourself you unfairly criticize
The shadow of loving care
Is a most hopeful surprise
We look inside your soul
The purity of your intent
Even when you are weary
And you feel so emotionally spent
We will carry you
Wrap you in loving arms
For you Jared Padalecki
We want to keep you from any harm
You always guide us
Now we want to provide you with the lighting
For you Jared Padalecki
Please promise us
That you will Always Keep Fighting