Here is Thursday poem that I wrote for Jared Padalecki. For anyone who may wonder why I write daily poems for Jared that he is unlikely to see, I choose to believe that people who you care about can feel your compassion & love, especially when they are going through difficult times.

Compassion so beautiful its song, a poem for Jared Padalecki, by Tracy Diane Miller

Echoes of sorrow
The dark tunes of fear
But there are joyful strains
Of compassion to hear
When pain invades your soul
And self-doubt is found
I pray that you know
Much love for you is around
For all the faces
You can’t possibly meet
Yet we are here
To conquer defeat
Give us your heartache
And we will carry your despair
Can you hear us Jared
We love and support you
We will always be there

#AlwaysKeepFighting #LoveYourselfFirst #IamEnough