Here is another new poem that I just wrote for Jared Padalecki:

My heart weaves a tapestry of words, a poem for Jared Padalecki by Tracy Diane Miller

My heart weaves a tapestry of words
My Muse senses your despair
Even though you do not know me
Writing poetry is the way I show I care
A collection of verse now exists
Anytime for you to see
Do you have any idea the positive difference you’ve made on people’s lives
When Always Keep Fighting came to be
We were once silent
Pain was an unwelcome choice
You reminded us that we matter
And to not be afraid to use our voice
We were once silent
Compassion and understanding we had often thirst
You reminded us to love ourselves
For self love must always come first
We were often silent
The battles that we fought each day were tough
You reminded us to feed our souls
By repeating the words that I am Enough