@jenabooks #poetry The Golden Age of Charli will delight readers, a poem by Tracy Diane Miller
Once upon a time
The opening of a fairytale
Where a Sleeping Beauty will awake from a prince’s kiss
And happily ever after is known to prevail
But let me tell you another tale
Or even better just take a look
You need to read The Golden Age of Charli
A truly incredible book
Actually there are two books
The first one is The Golden Age of Charli: RSVP
Where readers meet Charli McAntic
Gratitude, optimism and pressing on
Are her mantras you will see
Her husband Pud is now retired
But golf remains his overwhelming desire
Yet our ever resourceful Charli
Won’t give up on igniting passion’s fire
Life is never a fairytale
For our prince might sometimes ignore
Love is a many splendid thing
As soul mates will adore
Project RSVP
What a wonderful goal to behold
Connecting with family and family history through old pictures
Such a blessing destined to be told
The Golden Age of Charli: BMI
Book two in the series is full of charm
Once again persistence is Charli’s battle cry
To lose excessive weight that is causing harm
Jena C. Henry is a skilled writer
So sensitive that body image issues are a hotbed
So with compassion and humor
A beautiful story in book two the reader will enjoy ahead
So I highly recommend to readers
The Golden Age of Charli is pure delight
Please check out this marvelous book series
Bring joy to your day and night