Eyes towards tomorrow, a poem for Jared Padalecki by Tracy Diane Miller

Eyes towards tomorrow
Look to the sky
Absorb the love
Please don’t cry
You give all that you are
Your heart is pure
Your compassion grows
Yet you carry pain
That no one could possibly know
For the countless people who worry about you
We send our love to see you through
Always Keep Fighting
Love Yourself First
You Matter
I am Enough
Are not merely a list of words
They have become important touchstones
That our hearts have heard
Eyes towards tomorrow
With anxiety and depression
Each day there are dark feelings we need to fight
These dark feelings are a part of our lives
Day and night
A smile we use to shield us
To cover our scars
Yet with Always Keep Fighting
We have come so far
A smile we use
Even when sorrow we feel
But we will take the steps
To help us heal