My #AlwaysKeepFighting poetry book in honor of @jarpad turns 1 month old on August 19th by Tracy Diane Miller
Writers celebrate the “birthdays” of their books. Most writers celebrate the first year birthday. Not being one tied to convention, I am celebrating the one month birthday of my #AlwaysKeepFighting poetry book “I am not invisible: Always Keep Fighting poetry in honor of Jared Padalecki & others.” In one short month, I am overwhelmingly grateful for the positive reception that this book has received.

For those of you who followed, encouraged and supported my poetic journey since this past January when I started writing my #AlwaysKeepFighting poetry every day and made the decision to publish this book, I can’t thank you enough. Some of you were privy to my emotional lows as I was writing this book. You helped me to write when I found myself plagued by sadness. You reminded me that I had to put to practice Jared’s words of Always Keep Fighting.

I am grateful that a portion of the proceeds from my Always Keep Fighting poetry book is going to benefit the work of Attitudes in Reverse.

I am excited for the day when Jared learns that he inspired my Always Keep Fighting poetry book.

I am trying not to be impatient, instead looking forward to the day when I will meet Jared Padalecki in person, thank him for his courage, honesty and compassion in starting Always Keep Fighting, and give him my book.

I will forever be grateful for this journey!