#spnfans #spnfamily Salute to @OzComicCon , a poem for @RealNickiAycox @RachelMiner1 @omundson by Tracy Diane Miller

Spread the word
So that all may know
A thrill awaits at Oz Comic Con
If you are able you should go
In September
Australia is the place to be
There will be talented Supernatural alums
For you to see
Nicki Aycox
The original Meg
Nicki is now a musician who fills our hearts with song
When you listen to her amazing EP Red Velvet Room
You can’t go wrong
Rachel Miner
Who was the Meg meatsuit beginning in Season 5
Her new spin on Meg
Allowed the character to thrive
Then there is Timothy Omundson
When he was cast in Supernatural
Fans did gain
Memorable as the Father of Murder
The biblical Cain
Cain gave Dean the Mark of Cain
Murderous urges were born for the elder Winchester
So very wrong
Dean killed Cain
And Omundson became King Richard on Galavant
He enchanted us with song
These Supernatural alums have more talent then I could possibly say
Even with this poem that I write
So go to Oz Comic Con to see them
They are sure to delight