To inspire yet to cry, a poem for @JennaRoseSimon by Tracy Diane Miller
Across the miles
Through cyberspace
Inspiration comes
From her special place
Where her heart and talent will meet
And her powerful art
Becomes ours to greet
A mountain of accolades
Are well-deserved
Is why
Yet a tear escapes
She who inspires
Will cry
She makes a difference
With her honest reveal
Yet there is pain inside of her
So desperate to heal
She suffers
She still has scars
The burdens of a torturous road
She has traveled thus far
She who inspires
Will cry
Just as a bird with a song in her heart
Imprisoned in a gilded cage
Her destiny
To fly
Don’t forget her pain
Don’t give up on her
Listen to her
For even without words
You will hear her speak
Compassion and understanding
Is what she seeks