There is no expiration date on our love, a poem in memory of Scott Allen by Tracy Diane Miller

For anyone out there
Who finds it difficult to conceive
Grief is an evolving process
And there is no expiration date on our love
I believe
You may now live in Heaven
But I carry you inside
Each second
Each minute
Each hour
Each day
I have memorized every nuance of your soul
Since you went away
These two years
My reality has changed
I have created a new normal
When Fate sought for my life to rearrange
Dearest Scott
Your voice
Your music
I still hear them
Your touch
I still feel it
Outwardly I try to wear a smile
Even when I feel so much sorrow
Without you with me
Where is my hope in tomorrow
But I hear you Scott
I see and feel the reminders you send throughout the day
These two years since you went away
You tell me
Day and night
You tell me that there is no expiration date on our love
It will always define me
It will feed my heart with delight