You are a woman to admire, a birthday poem for @AMotherKnows  by Tracy Diane Miller

If I were to write a story about you
The pages of a book would fill with a great plot
The most important point though would not be forgot
You are a woman to admire
You have lived your life
In a way to inspire
You are a woman
Of character
Of strength
Of purpose
Even when Fate dealt you a difficult hand
Even when tears would flow
In your heart you did know
That God would lead you along the right path
That you could forsake Fate’s wrath
That your resiliency you would use
That in your children you would instill
Compassion and gratitude for their skills
You are a woman to admire
In a world where violence is a societal brand
You clearly understand
That kindness is a desired goal
There are so many ways
That I can celebrate you
There is so much joy in my heart to convey
As I send my best wishes on your birthday