A special mother, a birthday poem for @AMotherKnows by Tracy Diane Miller
How do you define a special mother
What words come to mind
The task is easy
A heart will find
A special mother
Is a confidante
The secrets she keeps
To comfort in disappoint
The times when we weep
A special mother
Is patient
To let her children learn from mistakes
Because even in failure
Confidence is awake
A special mother
Is loving
Affection she shows
When you have self-doubt
She believes in you
And she tells you so
A special mother
Is the captain
When life’s waters are rough
She will never leave you
Even when circumstances are tough
A special mother
Will laugh
A special mother
Will cry
A special mother
Will give you all of her heart
As time goes by
How do you define a special mother
I just look and see you
For you reflect the best
That the world has to offer
In all that you do
So easy to honor you
To wish joy your way
So easy to celebrate you
On this your birthday