Last night, I had a dream about my mother. She came to me on her birthday. That makes me very grateful!

Arlene Miller was born August 24, 1924. For the little girl who lived during a time of segregation & blatant racism, she refused to perpetuate societal stereotypes. She taught her children to value people. She was optimistic, but she was also realistic. At an early age, we were also taught that there would be people in this world who would feed on bullying and wouldn’t need a reason for wanting to hurt you. They would want to hurt you out of some demented desire to make themselves feel important. In those cases, you may hurt, you may cry. But you NEVER let others define you or be the reason why you didn’t achieve. You always stay away from toxic people. You always surround yourself around positive people. You always surround yourself around smart, creative people. She would say “make sure that you were the dumbest person in your circle then you are the one who gets to learn the most.”

Thanks to all the authors who have written books where I was able to learn. Thanks to all of the musicians & singers who have written lyrics & music where I was able to learn. Thanks to all the people who have traveled the world & who have shared their experiences with me. As the dumbest person in your circle, I have learned the most from you.

I miss my mother very much. There hasn’t been a day in the past 11 years since she has been gone that I haven’t thought about her.

When I think of my numerous poetry books that I have been fortunate to write & publish, I share this dream with my mother. Sadly, she never lived to see me achieve a dream that took me 44 years to achieve. But I choose to believe that she is looking down from Heaven with the biggest “I told you so expression on her face”

You were right, mom. We did it…we published my poetry books!

Here is a birthday poem that I wrote for my mother:

I awoke this morning to the sound of your voice, a birthday poem in memory of my mother by Tracy Diane Miller
I awoke this morning
To the sound of your voice
As I so often do
For you may live in Heaven
But there is not a day when I don’t hear you
I hear you
When I feel doubtful
You encourage me
As you always will
I think that you give my Muse the words
As I explore my writing skill
I hear you
When I hurt
From the acts of those who betray
You tell me how toxic they are to my life
And applaud because I refuse to let them poison my day
I hear you
In my memories
Of the person I was in my past
I hear your laughter
I’m desperate to make it last
I hear you
As my guiding sound
Through the chaos I need to survive
I hear you
As you help me through my fears
Because of you
I continue to thrive
I awoke this morning
To the sound of your voice
Like chiseled perfection in every way
I awoke this morning
To the sound of your voice
I celebrate you this August 24th your birthday



Mom in 1934-2