I have finally come home by Tracy Diane Miller

I just submitted 3 new poems to some literary magazines. Now the wait game begins. I’m prepared for rejection. But I’m proud of myself for pursuing all writing opportunities. 29 years ago, I was writing law journal articles while I was a law student at The University of Pennsylvania Law School. I enjoy creative writing career a million times better. I could never muster the passion that I experience every day writing poetry, articles and book reviews when I was writing legal motions, research memoranda, or appellate briefs. Legal writing, in my opinion, just doesn’t lend itself to growth as a writer.

I will always be grateful for the opportunity to attend law school. I will always be grateful that I was blessed to attend an Ivy League law school on a full academic scholarship & I never had to take out student loans.

As much as I miss the 1980s, one of the most wonderful aspects of 2016 for me is my writing career. I had journeyed long enough & had spent too many years away from my heart’s desire.

I have finally come home. When you love the job that you do everyday, there is a beauty to your day that you see through more appreciative eyes.