New @aycox_fans CONTEST to celebrate the first birthday of @RealNickiAycox  ‘s #RedVelvetRoom by Tracy Diane Miller

When The X Files & Supernatural alum Nicki Aycox released her EP Red Velvet Room to the world on August 28, 2015, long time fans of the actress were blessed to experience her deeply personal lyrics and musical styling. Red Velvet Room is an artistic treasure. Seasoned with worldly musical flavors and benefiting from Aycox’s powerful vocals, Red Velvet Room enriched the indie music scene with its raw honesty and emotional depth.

Songs like My Secret, Johnny and Charcoal Rain have proven to be particularly popular with listeners. It is easy to gravitate towards Nicki Aycox’s music. This inspirational woman, who continues to be an encouraging and positive voice on social media, is both accessible and courageous. As an actress, the Oklahoma native made her mark on Hollywood at a young age. Despite becoming a part of an entertainment scene often seduced by excess, Aycox retained her humility and gratitude.

In honor of Nicki Aycox’s EP Red Velvet Room celebrating its first birthday on August 28th, I am sponsoring a new contest for Aycox Fans. If you purchase Red Velvet Room from August 28th through October 15th, you will be entered to receive a gift card and a SURPRISE. If you have already bought Red Velvet Room and you buy the EP for a friend, BOTH you and your friend will be entered in the contest. ONE winner will be announced on October 15, 2016 at 8:00 p.m. EST.

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