Fall in love with the Golden Age of Charli, a poem for @jenabooks by Tracy Diane Miller
Retirement is not the ending
But a new beginning you see
A chance to create a different reality
For what your life can be
What you can learn from Charli McAntic
Is to be grateful for your golden age
With a vow of persistence
You can write what is on the page
If your spouse is obsessed with golf
Keep your wits and don’t you fret
With a goal you call Project RSVP
You can have the best year yet
Connecting with the younger generation of your family
A four star meal
And familial pride
A collection of old family photos
Will remind you of the strength you have inside
Fall in love with The Golden Age of Charli
I invite you to take a look
Then surrender your heart to the pleasure
Of this most enchanting book