What you can learn from Nicki Aycox’s #RedVelvetRoom journey by Tracy Diane Miller

Nicki Aycox is a film and television veteran. For most of us, we live vicariously through the actors who grace the big or small screen. We can’t even imagine what it must be like to have your performances viewed by millions of people from around the world. We can’t imagine walking a red carpet at a movie premiere.

Nicki Aycox has lived these experiences.

Yet, in 2015, Aycox pursued a new dream: sharing with the world her previously concealed musical talent.

The poet Robert Frost wrote about “The Road Not Taken” and how traveling on that road less traveled “has made all the difference.” The road less traveled often doesn’t have a map; it is that path leading from one’s heart to one’s dream. The road less traveled boasts its one true fan: yourself. The road less traveled is paved with thorns, sweat and tears. Falling is most expected. Getting up after falling is the testament to strength of character.

Then, when that seed begins to flourish into the recognition of a dream fulfilled, that is the ultimate satisfaction.

What we can learn from Nicki Aycox’s Red Velvet Room journey is this: A dream doesn’t need to remain a secret. Self-doubt can be paralyzing, but you retain the power not to allow it to paralyze you. Stepping on thorns may cause pain. Yet, thorns are a tangible reminder of a fight worth pursuing and a victory for yourself that is within reach.