What @RealNickiAycox ‘s #RedVelvetRoom means to me by Tracy Diane Miller

Music has played an important part of my life for as long as I can remember. My mother was a child of the 1930s and a teen in the 1940s so the sounds of that era were a big part of her life. The Big Bands, Glenn Miller, the Andrew Sisters, Frank Sinatra and of course, the songs from MGM musicals often performed by Judy Garland were the usual suspects that flooded our home. In my childlike wonderment, I found such joy listening to this music.

I was a child of the 1970s. The world in those days, perhaps, didn’t seem as burdened by some of the ills of today. But there was still societal discontent. Music always was my remedy to wrap myself in peace. The enduring magic inherent in a song was very special.

Fast forward to August 28, 2015. As a 50 year old woman who has seen her share of sorrow, I found listening to music a welcoming portal to a happy place.

Red Velvet Room is that welcoming portal to a happy, peaceful and inspirational place.

I am a poet so my poetic voice is awakened by emotions fed by the people and events around me. Through good and bad, through celebration and remorse, each poem that I write mirrors my emotions.

Nicki Aycox has the uncanny ability to tap into my emotions through her music. I listen to Red Velvet Room. I cherish the lyrics and the music. I shut out the world. Each strain holds the key to my burgeoning creativity.

I am finally living my dream as a full-time writer and poet. This past May, I published my first poetry book, “My Secret has beautiful wings: A collection of poetry for Nicki Aycox.” Since that time, I have been fortunate to publish 22 more poetry books with 3 more poetry books upcoming before the end of the year. I owe a huge thanks to Nicki Aycox because of my creative success. Red Velvet Room was my inspiration, my catalyst for my first published poetry book. Whatever else I am blessed to write from this point forward, my poetry book in honor of Nicki Aycox will always be my first published poetry book. I will always be grateful for that.

Through my love for Nicki Aycox’s music, I have been blessed to meet and develop friendships with other beautifully creative, inspiring and wonderful people like Mike, Destiny, Rayven, Willie, Susan, Josephine and Natalie. I cherish these relationships.

What Red Velvet Room means to me: Red Velvet Room is a gatekeeper to nostalgia, yet it offers joy for the present and hope for the future. Like the enduring music from my childhood, Red Velvet Room lets me shut out the world and go to a happier place.