A poetic tribute to Charlie Bradbury, a poem for @feliciaday by Tracy Diane Miller
On humans the Leviathans eat
But little did they know
That they would suffer defeat
An unsung hero
Who loved Hermione all the same
A hero called Charlie Bradbury
Remember her name
Charlie is proof
That geeks rule
Speaking the language of computers
Is a powerful tool
Charlie may have been walking on sunshine
With everything going her way
Then she met Sam and Dean Winchester
One fateful day
An eccentric named Frank Devereaux
A cryptic hard drive
Charlie was able to decode
Now she faced a test to survive
The Leviathan leader Dick Roman
Discovered how his Roman Enterprises employer Charlie Bradbury did betray
Charlie almost died that day
The Winchesters and a ghostly Bobby Singer
Came through you see
A new life for Charlie
From Dick Roman
She fled
Next up was Moondoor
With Larping ahead
An obsessive Moondoor Larper
With a fairy to do his bidding
To win at all costs
He was killing
I’m not kidding
Later when the Winchesters meet up with Charlie again
She was a hunter in training
Helping them to defeat a djinn
A recurring gaming nightmare
Don’t let the djinn win
Sadly Charlie had to let her comatose mother go
Such a tragedy you know
Charlie Bradbury is a hero
To save Oz her next quest
Embrace your geek
Is what Charlie Bradbury does best
Bad Charlie
Eventually did unfold
Charlie made a deal to save Oz
More heartache to behold
At the end of the day
Bad Charlie merged with Good Charlie
And hope found its way
The Book of the Damned
The Stynes to fight
Charlie was killed
On a stormy night
My poetic tribute to Charlie Bradbury
My words to flow
I thank you Felicia Day
For making Charlie Bradbury
A hero
Our love for the character and for you
Will grow
You are special
You are unique
We will embrace ourselves
You give us the inspiration
That we seek