Admire your journey, a poem for @terrigarber1228 by Tracy Diane Miller
What is a memory
But a syllable of time for you to find
A life experience
Safeguarded by your mind
Your soul becomes a mirror
For your heart to see
The reflections of the woman
You came to be
The smiles
The tears
The joys
The fears
All the chapters in the journey
Of you that Fate continues to write
Of strength
Of fortitude
Of purpose in sight
Youth is not wasted
Dreams will awake
To wait in the shadows
Not afraid of mistakes
We all know them so well
Mistakes are not enemies
They have so much to tell
The sum of our lives
To add and subtract
Memories may leave us
Yet they will always come back
A life experience
Even when bad
Is a part of who we are
The journey we have had
On our road so far
Admire your journey
Then remove any lingering doubt
And celebrate
Because what you continue to offer to this world
Will always come out