To paint the day in joy, a birthday poem for Tosha Michelle by Tracy Diane Miller

If I were an artist
Do you know what I would do
I would paint the day in joy
All to celebrate you
What color is a smile
To decide may be tough
To capture the vibrancy of laughter
What color is enough
Could I call upon a Renoir
Might a Monet know the hue
A masterpiece of emotion
Leaves work for a heart to do
Maybe the heavens know the answer
I could ask the clouds to speak
The wonders framed in nature
Surely must know these colors my heart would seek
To paint the day in joy
A poet writes the words
For poetry holds no judgment
In the love that is often heard
A Muse may be tired
A Muse will not rest
To journey through my soul
For the words to serve me best
To paint the day in joy
A marvel to behold
To think of you with heartfelt thoughts
Alas the perfect colors would unfold
To paint the day in joy
My poetry serves as a brush
With unspoiled rhythm
A reminder of how much my life you have touched
So with this attempt at verse
A piece of me I convey
My very best wishes
To you on your birthday