#poetry #amwriting The moments will flee, a poem for @RachelMiner1 by Tracy Diane Miller

Time is elusive
The moments will flee
To transform into a memory
For your heart to see
You can’t hold the seconds
Within the palm of your hand
The plan for your journey
You may not always understand
To fall
To rise
To unwrap the day
A surprise
To dance with hope
To waltz with fear
To welcome gratitude
The compassion so near
The strangers you meet
The stories they tell
The emotions you carry
Inside of you where they dwell
The face you wear
Every day
The courage to guide you
Along your way
Fate is the architect
Your life is a building block
Alas don’t race
Against the clock
Yes the moments will flee
To emerge with the past
The inspiration you give
Is born to last
But don’t forget you
Among those you inspire
Take care of you
Is to allow your heart’s desire