Healing, a poem for @JennaRoseSimon by Tracy Diane Miller

Once I looked in the mirror
My body was a burden I came to see
Why did I feel flawed
Rather than appreciate the beauty that was me
An albatross around my neck
Sorrow did unfold
I resolved to control my body
A destructive pattern to behold
Pain became my diet
Fear was a bitter meal
There was a voice that screamed inside of me
Urging me to find a way to heal
Each step was not easy
I fell before I could rise
Then one day I started to heal
I saw the beauty of the real me
Through the most appreciative eyes
Alas it is still a struggle
Each day is still a fight
But my body is no longer that albatross
The real me I now see
Is a great delight
For all of you who struggle
For the years of hidden pain
Healing takes work but it is possible
Please remember that a healthier you
Is the gift that you gain