That September of yesteryear, a poem in memory of the heroes of 911 by Tracy Diane Miller

It was a day that began like so many before
Yet we were oblivious to the heartache soon in store
When that September of yesteryear
Became ingrained in our collective consciousness
A day of sorrow and fear
Twin Towers
Stood tall and proud
The Pentagon
Shanksville, PA
How could we fathom the tragedy headed our way
How could we know the innocent souls
In the arms of the angels who were destined to fly
We were never ready
To say goodbye
Of the children
Of the mothers
Of the fathers
All heroes
All irreplaceable
All for whom we wept
Their memories alive and cherished
In our hearts we kept
The fabric of our nation
Darken by hatred
Spoiled by hatred
Pure evil that blanketed us
And sought to reign
That tried to break us
But we found strength in each other
We gained
Hearts threaded by compassion
Hearts threaded by purpose
Hearts threaded by prayers
Would we rise
To feed our souls in hope
Amidst tragedy
Is the ultimate surprise
Always remember
Never forget
That September of yesteryear
Where innocent souls
To Heaven they flew
Somehow if we only knew
Somehow if time could be turned back
To the moments of an optimistic day
Before tragedy headed our way
Before tragedy we earned
What lessons can be learned
Always remember
Never forget
September 11, 2001
A nightmare begun
Are we now stronger
How did we grow
These are the answers
We need to know
When in our society
Hatred is fed
The only way
To look ahead
Is through the eyes of compassion and love
Is the place where we begin
Only then
Will we ever win