#HappyBirthdayAustinBasis #poetry : Of the promise born from a new day, a birthday poem for @AustinBasis by Tracy Diane Miller

In silhouette
There are moments
Shadows lurking in my mind
Of the joy and hope
I’m destined to find
In the still of night
The moon is awake
To discover me
There is no mistake
While the sun now sleeps
And darkness comes to be
It is then that I see
The essence of me
An actor
A poet
I have sent verse away
The real me
A combination of smiles and tears
With much to say
The family man
The friend
Compassion is my art
The real me gives
So much of his heart
What will be my legacy
I ask
To leave this world a better place
Is my desired task
Of the promise born from a new day
Alas I will smile
Grateful that I did things my way