Why I love being a full time writer by Tracy Diane Miller

The great thing about being a full time writer is that one is never limited; inspiration is generous and can come in many forms.

Writing poetry has been my oldest love (44 years). In the last year and a half that I’ve been on social media, I’ve experimented with a rhythmic poetic style. This has been an interesting discovery for me because the bulk of my original poetry that I haven’t shared and that has been submitted to magazines and for poetry fellowships doesn’t rhyme. My brain works in mysterious ways. I realized a long time ago not to question the writing process. I just enjoy and learn from it. Thankfully, there is something for me to learn everyday.

Another writing form that was a big part of my life in the 1980s was personal essays. Apparently, online magazines welcome those as well. Recently, I reacquainted myself with writing personal essays. It has been a satisfying adventure submitting my personal essays to magazines for consideration.

Writing book reviews is also a mainstay in my life. I will never tire of exploring new authors and offering my thoughts via book reviews. I’m a big advocate in encouraging creative exploration. The Nerdy Girl Express is receiving many emails from authors who want their books reviewed. As The Nerdy Girl Express’ resident book reviewer, it is a responsibility that I enjoy and take quite seriously. In addition, I’m also a book reviewer for Readers Review Room. I love it! I can never have too many books my life.